Saturday, November 21, 2009

Q & A

Frequently asked questions in the land of Half Gods:

Question 1: "Is this real?"

Answer: Yes. But.
Everything that I write about really happened. However, in order to preserve the anonymity of the charming gentlemen that I date, I intentionally change details about them so that other people cannot recognize them and mock them. For example, I may change a guy's physical description, his job, or some other detail that isn't really important. The point of the story is always true to my personal experience of the events. Is my personal experience accurate? Well, as much as anyone's personal experience is. The guy probably is telling his friends about this loser girl he had dinner with yesterday, but that story is his to tell, not mine.

Question 2: "Why do you post so rarely?"

Answer: Because I'm busy going on dates. Take heart, usually they are bad dates, and sometimes they are horrendous.

Question 3: "I know this real loser. Would you go on a date with him and blog about it so that I can laugh at him?"

Answer: No.

First of all, I go on plenty of bad dates without needing to inflate the number artificially. Secondly, I am reminded of what someone once told me is the difference between comedy and tragedy.

Imagine you are in the audience of a play. You see a guy walking across the stage. There is a banana peel on the stage. You know (you can magically just tell) that this guy is going to slip on the banana peel and fall. And he does fall. That's comedy.

Now imagine that you are in the same audience of the same play. A second guy walks across the stage. The banana peel is still there. You know, once again, that this guy will slip and fall on the banana peel. However, in this case, the guy also knows that he will slip and fall on the banana peel. And he does. That's tragedy.

When I write about these dates, I'm aiming for comedy. However, when I go on the dates, I am actually trying to find My Guy. I'm not faking that; my search is genuine. I know that it is likely that the guy that I'm going to meet will turn out to be a loser, but I go in with an open heart anyway. Tragedy!

Let's not mock my tragic life any more than necessary.

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